767 – Hump Day

Yes, this is a couple days late. But that’s ok since I am the one who sets my schedule here and I only have hard and fast rules about a couple things.

Wednesday lived up to the nickname “hump day” for me. Seemed like one speed bump after another. As life often does. And I used to think that the speed bumps were bad things…slowing me down like they were.

But, as I’ve gotten older and a tiny bit wiser, I have begun to realize the speed bumps are actually there to protect me from my own haphazard habit of charging into something without thinking it through. The speed bumps force me to slow down and every time I do that, I find something I never thought of, something I had not prepared for, some piece of information I really need if I want to succeed at whatever it is I was doing.

Thanks Hump Day!

766 – Twos-Day

On Tuesday, just about everything good seemed to come to me in twos. I think it was pretty funny how that worked.

Two eyes to see my kids enjoying each other’s company, read some life changing and ministry changing material, read the Bible.

Two ears to hear my kids say “I love you,” to hear my wife tell me about her day, to hear some of my favorite worship music.

Two hands to play guitar.

Two legs to take me wherever I wanted to go.

I am indeed a blessed man.

765 – A Case of the Mondays

Well…again, doing this one a whole day after the day it talks about. And if you’ve ever seen the movie “Office Space,” you know what I mean by “a case of the Mondays.”

Full of really cool stuff and some not-so-cool stuff.

Not nearly enough rest on Sunday night…early enough bedtime but tossing and turning with the restlessness of facing another day in a job completely unsuited to my desires, talents, goals, or calling/purpose.

So what do you do on those kinds of days? I am learning to just embrace the opportunities for personal growth in those days. I am learning to embrace the opportunities to pray and grow closer to my Lord. I am learning to just embrace the opportunities to show people I am both ready for – and actively seeking – a greener pasture.

Yes, it was a case of the Mondays. But, honestly, Mondays aren’t really that bad when you know how to use your imagination.

764 – Good, Good Day

Yesterday was, in a word: Good.

Relaxing although busy.

Accomplished although unrushed.

Ministered to while ministering to.

763 – Speed Bumps

Saturday, August 27, was all about speed bumps. Every time I thought I was making some good progress in a certain area, I whacked into another speed bump.

BUMP – Hey, man. Take a few minutes and think about that approach to this problem. Is that the best approach or just the fastest approach? Those are not always the same thing.

BUMP – Hey, man. Is that really the message you want to send to that person? Are you about to tell them something to make them BE better or to make you FEEL better? Those are not always the same thing.

BUMP – Hey, man. That guy is doing the best he can with all the tools he has, all the knowledge he has, and his intentions are just as good as your intentions. Are you judging him by actions and yourself by intentions? You’re better than that.

BUMP – Hey, man. Your wife is just trying to take a weight off your shoulders. Did you really need to try and correct her for something she did out of love for you? AND something that didn’t need correcting? You’re better than that.

Thankfully, God put a handful of speedbumps in my path yesterday so I could slow down and learn something instead of just hard-charging to a solution. Thank you, Father.

762 – Old & New Friends

A very busy day yesterday and wasn’t able to make an entry.

Good part: Did some good work for the region with old acquaintances and some people I would like to call friends.

Better part: Had some good social time at Nazarene Bible College with dinner and a movie with Annette. While there, spent some good time with old friends (Daniel & Jesi) and spent some good time with new friends (Tony & Sarah Goia – pronounced Joy-uh) and Dr. Russom

Best part: Enjoying a meaning movie with my wife, Annette.

761 – Just Be Real

Today was all about learning for myself the importance of just being real.

So much of my life, I tried to put up a protective wall or put on a protective mask…keep others out or keep myself in…make sure others can’t know the real me – they probably wouldn’t like me anyway.

It’s been almost 48 years I’ve lived those lies.

But today, for whatever reason (not even consciously known to me) I decided to just be real today.

And it was spectacularly successful. Even when it was ugly for a moment or two. When it was all said and done, the real-ness brought me much closer to the people I needed to support.

760 – Sanity Day

I’m writing this one the morning after…just needed to get to bed last night and for once, I listened to my body when it gently tapped me on the head and said it was time for sleep.

Similarly, yesterday I took a sick day from work…the first one in 2016…we can take up to 10 sick days off in a calendar year and I have taken one day off. I’m not saying all that to brag. If anything, I’m saying all that because it is sometimes difficult to face the fact I am not caring for myself correctly. With everything that’s going on right now, I had literally made myself sick with anxiety and stress.

I realized school would put me out of balance for a couple of years until I graduate, but in that same time I have also piled on all kinds of other responsibilities and activities. And somewhere along the way, sleep just kept taking a lower and lower priority. Unfortunately for me, I am not the young 10-foot tall and bulletproof guy I once was.

So yesterday, it all came to a head and I got sick enough to finally take a day off…a sanity day, if you will.

And it helped me to realize that God put the Sabbath in the commandments for a couple different reasons. One, so we could have a specific day dedicated to periodically reconnecting with Him on a deeper basis, giving time and attention to our relationship with Him. And secondly, as a day/time to recharge our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical batteries.

I think I will be taking a few more of these sanity days and will probably be much better off for having done so.

759 – Marching Along

Today was another day of marching along a little closer to things I want to be, do and have.

Sometimes big giant steps are cool. And sometimes little medium steps are cool.

And sometimes, very tiny little steps, just marching along, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Yep…that was today, so to speak.

758 – Easing Into Massive Action

One of my favorite ways to approach goals is to ease into it. By this, I mean the exact opposite of what Tony Robbins teaches. Tony teaches that you must take massive action toward your goals and desires if you want to achieve more than you imagine is even possible.

On the other hand, I have always preferred to choose my goals and then ease into them.

I have already chosen some goals I will be working to accomplish beginning on my 48th birthday and going until my 49th birthday. So now the choice that stands before me is which approach I should use to accomplish those goals.

My normal approach, which has not proven as successful as I had hoped in numerous past attempts.

OR Tony Robbins’ approach, which has proven successful for Tony as well as hundreds of his students.

The choice is pretty clear.