760 – Sanity Day

I’m writing this one the morning after…just needed to get to bed last night and for once, I listened to my body when it gently tapped me on the head and said it was time for sleep.

Similarly, yesterday I took a sick day from work…the first one in 2016…we can take up to 10 sick days off in a calendar year and I have taken one day off. I’m not saying all that to brag. If anything, I’m saying all that because it is sometimes difficult to face the fact I am not caring for myself correctly. With everything that’s going on right now, I had literally made myself sick with anxiety and stress.

I realized school would put me out of balance for a couple of years until I graduate, but in that same time I have also piled on all kinds of other responsibilities and activities. And somewhere along the way, sleep just kept taking a lower and lower priority. Unfortunately for me, I am not the young 10-foot tall and bulletproof guy I once was.

So yesterday, it all came to a head and I got sick enough to finally take a day off…a sanity day, if you will.

And it helped me to realize that God put the Sabbath in the commandments for a couple different reasons. One, so we could have a specific day dedicated to periodically reconnecting with Him on a deeper basis, giving time and attention to our relationship with Him. And secondly, as a day/time to recharge our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical batteries.

I think I will be taking a few more of these sanity days and will probably be much better off for having done so.