763 – Speed Bumps

Saturday, August 27, was all about speed bumps. Every time I thought I was making some good progress in a certain area, I whacked into another speed bump.

BUMP – Hey, man. Take a few minutes and think about that approach to this problem. Is that the best approach or just the fastest approach? Those are not always the same thing.

BUMP – Hey, man. Is that really the message you want to send to that person? Are you about to tell them something to make them BE better or to make you FEEL better? Those are not always the same thing.

BUMP – Hey, man. That guy is doing the best he can with all the tools he has, all the knowledge he has, and his intentions are just as good as your intentions. Are you judging him by actions and yourself by intentions? You’re better than that.

BUMP – Hey, man. Your wife is just trying to take a weight off your shoulders. Did you really need to try and correct her for something she did out of love for you? AND something that didn’t need correcting? You’re better than that.

Thankfully, God put a handful of speedbumps in my path yesterday so I could slow down and learn something instead of just hard-charging to a solution. Thank you, Father.