767 – Hump Day

Yes, this is a couple days late. But that’s ok since I am the one who sets my schedule here and I only have hard and fast rules about a couple things.

Wednesday lived up to the nickname “hump day” for me. Seemed like one speed bump after another. As life often does. And I used to think that the speed bumps were bad things…slowing me down like they were.

But, as I’ve gotten older and a tiny bit wiser, I have begun to realize the speed bumps are actually there to protect me from my own haphazard habit of charging into something without thinking it through. The speed bumps force me to slow down and every time I do that, I find something I never thought of, something I had not prepared for, some piece of information I really need if I want to succeed at whatever it is I was doing.

Thanks Hump Day!