Fifty Things – Rev 3

Now that we’re starting 2017 and I’m about 1/3 of the way toward my 49th birthday, it is time to revisit and do a little tweaking on the list of 5o things I want to be, do or have by my 50th birthday. As I mentioned in the very first page I wrote for this list:

…this was always intended to be a living document to be revised as “necessary”…

It is time for another revision. After all, life changes, circumstances change, our goals can change. As we live and learn and grow and evolve and unfold, our desires for the future change too. It is neither necessary nor desirable to keep myself pinned down to thoughts I had nearly a year ago. One of the most important things I must keep in mind for this list is this: Everything here must be something where I can control the outcome. Or if not the outcome, at least I must be able to control the process.

Most importantly, in an earlier revision, I dropped the thought that I must always have 50 things on the list at any given moment. In that revision, I pared the original list down to 38, figuring I would add new items as others were accomplished or realized. For this revision, I have pared the list down even farther to try and gain a little more focus for 2017.

And of course, when something is realized or accomplished, that comes off the list and I’ll probably already have a new one or two I can add. That’s the cool thing about being in control of my own list.

  1. Read 50 books I’ve never read before.
  2. Watch 50 classic movies I’ve never watched before.
  3. Complete my CCNA certification (either R&S, Security or Cyber Ops).
  4. Attain a Certified Project Management Associate certification.
  5. Attain a CISSP-Associate certification.
  6. Get my weight down to 275 pounds or less for seven straight days.
  7. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary.
  8. Build an investment account balance of $50,000. (Dec 30, 2016 balance $45,930.48)
  9. Complete my bachelors degree.
  10. Start a masters degree.
  11. Earn the Frederick Community College Associate Degree in Emergency Management.
  12. Do 100 pushups in a row.
  13. Do 20 pullups in a row.
  14. Speak to an audience of more than 1,000.
  15. Go on a mission trip with Restoration.
  16. Enjoy at least three live stage plays or musicals.
  17. Enjoy an Alaskan or Caribbean cruise.
  18. Run an old time radio podcast with 100 downloads per month.
  19. Make enough income from a podcast to break even on upgraded Podomatic account.
  20. Make $100 profit in one month on my podcast from subscriptions or donations.
  21. Lead a Bible study at Restoration.
  22. Launch a worship school at Restoration.
  23. Preach at Restoration in “big church” three times.