I was thinking it might be fun to do a few “experiments” during this 1,500 day period and here is where I’ll be keeping an eye on those and keeping track of my results.

Found Money: One experiment that came to mind is to find an empty container and use that to collect all the change I find on the sidewalk or the like. This is basically found money and I’m interested in learning how it adds up over time. So, starting on July 27, 2014, I’ll be keeping all found money in a specific jar and not taking anything out until my 50th birthday.

Circle of Influence Only: While reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” one of Stephen Covey’s application steps included a 30-day experiment of working only within and from the circle of influence. As I tried that, it was liberating and empowering. When I stayed within my circle of influence, I was effective and productive. That is a habit I’m striving to develop and maintain from this point forward.

Old Time Radio Podcast: At the beginning of 2014, I had uploaded a few old time radio episodes into my own podcast, the Old Time Radio Blog podcast. Then I took several months off and didn’t do anything. On September 18, 2014, I had the idea that it might be cool to start that podcast going again, but this time with the twist that I would publish an episode on the anniversary of its original air date. My experiment is to see how the downloads go over a 30-day period and gauge from there on whether or not I think an actual membership site around that blog might be worth developing as a side business. Turns out that without even doing any updates or anything, the number of downloads has exceeded my bandwidth on a free site several times. So…assuming that 1-2% of those people will donate at least a tiny bit to the site, this might well be something worth pursuing as a side business. Not that I think it will ever replace a full-time income, but a little extra pocket money possibly.