As soon as I started telling my friends and family about my idea for this site, I started getting questions that I thought might be fun to answer. There’s a good chance you might have some of these same questions about a project like this.

Q: Why aren’t you allowing people to post comments?
A: I have learned through numerous other blogging experiments that comments too often go completely off the rails. And they can sometimes add substantial time to keeping the site up to date. Also, I am an avid Seth Godin reader and Seth says his blog really got good once he stopped allowing comments. By that, he meant that he felt more liberated to simply speak his mind without worrying about the torrent of disagreement he knew would come. Seth said he found himself too often just emotionally reacting to the comments and he didn’t think that was fair to him. So, after carefully considering the pros and cons, I chose to honor my own spirit’s request and disable comments. You are still always free to contact me through the contact form and provide your input that way.

Q: How are you “scoring” a forward step?
A: At the end of the day, I’ll be asking myself a simple question, borrowed from Scott Smith at Motivation to Move: Have I been more gooder than badder? In other words, did I more steps forward than backward? Have I made progress in my life? If the answers to those questions are “Yes,” then that day has been a forward step.

Q: What types of things are you trying to accomplish?
A: When I celebrate my 50th birthday, there are quite a few things I want to have accomplished. For example, I want to have my weight down to 190 pounds and sustain it. Another example is that I’d like to read 50 new books I’ve never read before. Another example is that I want to be CCIE Security certified.  These are listed on the 50 Things page, if you’re interested.

Q: Will everything be some sort of accomplishment of a goal or a dream? Or will you leave yourself room to just relax and enjoy things like movies, books, old time radio shows and so on?
A: A huge part of this project is to make sure I’m more well-rounded when I turn 50 than I am now. This means I don’t have to be in permanent accomplishment mode…I can actually spend some time relaxing and recreating by enjoying things I like such as old time radio shows, classic movies, good books and so on.

Q: Will this just be some sort of lame list every day showing every little thing you did?
A: Absolutely not. My plan is to make an actual journal entry of 300 words or less, where I summarize the day’s accomplishments and how they moved me forward. There might be something like a lesson learned or a “funny” recollection of one of the day’s events. Right now (as of July 9, 2014) the plan is pretty loose and flexible but definitely does NOT include a simple list of things I did.