Fifty Things – Rev 0

This page is intended to include 50 things I want to be, do or have by my 50th birthday. From the first day I published this (July 10, 2014) until the present, this was always intended to be a living document to be revised as “necessary” over the course of 1,500+ days.

I intend to cross things off the list as they are accomplished and if there is a follow-up be/do/have I can add, I will add it below the original. Otherwise, I will add another goal to the bottom of the list. The intention here is to keep pushing myself.

One of the most important things I wanted to keep in mind as I listed these is this: Everything on here must be something where I can control the outcome. For example, I don’t want to say “finish the Denver qualifying course for American Ninja Warrior” because I don’t know if I can even run the course as a walk-on. So for that one, I’m only saying “try to compete…” because that attempt is completely within my control.

  1. Read 50 books I’ve never read before.
  2. Watch 50 classic movies I’ve never watched before.
  3. Complete my CCNA Security certification.
  4. Complete my CCNP Security certification.
  5. Complete my CCIE Security certification.
  6. Get my weight down to 190 pounds or less for 7 seven straight days.
  7. Sustain a healthy weight for the remainder of the time until my 50th birthday.
  8. Participate in five 5k races with a better finishing time in each subsequent race.
  9. Try to compete in the 2018 American Ninja Warrior as a walk-on in the Denver qualifier.
  10. Earn my first $1 in a side business.
  11. Earn $100 in a single month in a side business.
  12. Earn $1,000 in a single month in a side business.
  13. Earn $10,000 in a single month in a side business.
  14. Celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary.
  15. Ride my exercise bike a total of 3,000 miles.
  16. Build a savings account balance of $2,500.
  17. Build an investment account balance of $50,000.
  18. Complete my bachelors degree.
  19. Earn a masters degree.
  20. Earn the Frederick Community College Associate Degree in Emergency Management.
  21. Complete 30 Muniversity credits through CML.
  22. Attend two CML annual conferences. (16-19 June, 2015)
  23. Do 100 pushups in a row.
  24. Do 20 pullups in a row.
  25. Bench press 300 pounds.
  26. Squat or leg press 400 pounds.
  27. Have a visibly sexy 6-pack.
  28. Hike to the top of Pikes Peak.
  29. Hike to the top of two other 14-ers in Colorado.
  30. Do the Incline at Manitou Springs five times, getting better every time.
  31. Participate in a Tough Mudder.
  32. Participate in a Spartan Race.
  33. Speak to an audience of more than 100.
  34. Speak to an audience of more than 1,000.
  35. Read the Bible cover to cover in two different versions.
  36. Read three other major spiritual or philosophical books; e.g. Bhagavad Gita.
  37. Learn to speak conversational Spanish.
  38. Learn to speak fluent Spanish.
  39. Go on a Mexico mission trip with Restoration.
  40. Go on another mission trip of any kind with Restoration.
  41. Participate in two men’s Bible studies.
  42. Participate in an amateur bodybuilding competition.
  43. Enjoy at least three symphony performances.
  44. Enjoy at least three live stage plays or musicals.
  45. Write at least 30 articles for Fountain Valley News.
  46. Introduce myself to 1,000 former strangers.
  47. Petition for membership in the local Masonic lodge.
  48. Enjoy an Alaskan or Caribbean cruise.
  49. Help 1,000 people on their own journeys through their subscription to this blog.
  50. Run an old time radio podcast with 100 subscribers.

09/21/2014 – Speak to an audience of more than 10.

Informed on Sept 20, 2014 that Nineveh Shore had broken up.
Thus, I have removed and replaced these goals with new ones.

Play 20 shows with Nineveh Shore.
Write five songs with Nineveh Shore.