1. Speak to an audience of more than 10. 09/21/2014 – Had been invited to speak for a couple minutes at a Habitat for Humanity home dedication / ribbon cutting. Spoke extemporaneously for a couple minutes to about 40 people.
  2. Speak to an audience of more than 100. 09/26/2015 – Annette asked me to be the announcer for the band competition hosted at FFCHS. Basically read the script and ad libbed once. On mic announcing for well over 500 people.
  3. Enjoy three symphony performances. 03/04/2016 – Attended The Music of the Who (3/7/15), Shostakovich 10 (10/11/15), and Dr. Atomic (4/16/16).
  4. Complete 30 Muniversity credits through CML. 06/24/2016 – Had 22 credits going into my second CML conference. At the end of the conference, I had 34 credits.
  5. Attend two CML annual conferences. 06/24/2016 – Attended first conference from 16-19 June, 2015 in Breckenridge and my second from 21-24 June, 2016 in Vail.
  6. Gain a formal internship or a Director position at Restoration. 09/2016 – Through an unfortunate set of circumstances…or maybe very fortunate…I was named the Worship Coordinator for the church for the rest of 2016 and will continue through at least 2017.