These people inspire me and I am ever grateful they share their thoughts. I encourage you to visit each of them.

Jodi Aman – This is one of my favorites. Jodi’s way of expressing her ideas will help you see yourself and the world in a much different light. And even better, she makes it easy to apply. Taking it one step further, she also includes video clips, which make her ideas spring to life.

James Clear – James has a unique way of taking a concept from one part of his life and applying it to another part of his life, in a completely unconventional way. And he’s got a VERY clear way of sharing those ideas so they are immediately useful.

Seth Godin – One of my must-reads every day. Seth has a unique way of making his point and challenging you to apply it in your own life.

Zen Habits – Leo is considered by many to be one of the “godfathers of blogging.” I dare you to read one of Leo’s posts without an “aha” moment.

Becoming Minimalist – I love how Joshua talks about minimalism in a way that I can easily understand and begin to apply. Definitely a great place for a beginning at minimalism.

Be More with Less – Courtney Carver does a fantastic job of putting a heart-based, soul-based touch to the idea of minimizing. You will definitely enjoy your time here.

Farnam Street Blog – Shane Parrish is a huge, avid, big-time power reader and he shares the best of what he finds. I subscribe to the weekly digest message that comes out on Sunday and it’s one of my favorites every week. One post in particular struck me and I’m including the link to it so you can get there and I can get to it often.