Crabs in the Bucket List

In the personal development “industry” many of the top speakers talk about crabs in the bucket. If you haven’t heard of that, the idea is pretty simple. If you catch one crab and put it into a bucket, that crab will do everything possible to get out of there. But, if you add a second crab to the bucket, neither one can escape because if either crab tries to get out, the other will reach up and pull it back down.

The motivational speakers all use this idea as a metaphor for how our “friends” are likely to react when we attempt to get out of our bucket. For example, start a network-marketing business with big dreams of creating financial freedom and you will quickly find out which crabs want to pull you back into that bucket.

Or like I did today, tell some of your “friends” you want to compete in American Ninja Warrior in the year you’ll turn 50 and see how many crabs will try to pull you back into their buckets. It would be very easy to be angry or even bitter about it, but really I’m just sad.

Sad because I’ve had to learn some friends are not really friends after all. Sad that they didn’t believe in me enough to be supportive. Sad that they might not be dreaming some sort of impossible dream of their own.

But, proud of myself for having the guts enough to dream impossible dreams, proud of myself for wanting to be more than I have been, do more than I have done, have more than I’ve had, give more than I’ve given, learn more than I’ve learned, teach more than I’ve taught, and help more people than I’ve ever helped before.

And for the record, I hate the term “bucket list.” But if you like it, that’s OK with me.

Two Weeks to Go

I’m getting pretty impatient to launch for real! I keep making good progress on several of my 50 Things and even some other opportunities that came up recently. And that progress is good, of course, so I won’t turn it down.

It’s also kind of fun to start brainstorming on resources I can share along the way to help you with your own journey to whatever your destination might be. And yes, I realize that not every tool is appropriate for every person. Some people will find a book or audio that really speaks to them and they’ll make huge quantum leaps in their development. And those same tools might not resonate with me at all.

This much I WILL promise…I will only share tools and resources that have proven to work for someone. If you are investing time in reading my thoughts, I owe it to you to make sure anything I recommend is worth your time and effort and possibly money.

I’m looking forward to how the next two weeks unfold and lead me to the actual 1,500 day experiment. If you find any value in what you find on this site over time, I hope you’ll take a moment to recommend it to your friends.

Another Step Forward

Sure, the site is still in a “pre-launch” mode, but today marked another day of building momentum.

  • The new theme includes a nice clean appearance and easy navigation.
  • The countdown timer is near the top of the page for a good quick look.
  • The pages are now more consistent in wording and appearance.

Today also included progress in health and wellness, as well as some study towards the CCNA Security certification.

Building Momentum

Still in the pre-launch phase and I’m already building some momentum heading into the last couple weeks before the actual launch. I’ve recently started reading a little bit, beyond the Cisco training materials I’m already studying. I’m investigating a couple different online/offline business opportunities. The band already expects me to start going to gigs, even if I’m not going to play yet, so they can introduce me to the audience. I’ve already started the habit of introducing myself to people.

I’ve been gaining momentum on a wellness lifestyle for a couple months now. Sure, I’ve still got to remind myself that sometimes I’m not really hungry, I just want to munch away some sort of emotional imbalance. But, I’m learning healthier strategies, both mentally and physically, to cope with things that upset my apple cart.

Basically, I’m feeling pretty darn good about where I am in life right now and I’m VERY excited about what the future is waiting for me to create.

A Little More Organized

Today, just a little more than 2 weeks before I launch for real, I got a tiny bit more organized. I’ve got a few sub-pages to track some of the larger of my 50 Things. For example, it could get painful in a way to track 50 different books and 50 different movies on the one 50 Things page. I mean, that page is already pretty long and it could very easily get out of hand.

And I’m starting to think about how I wanted to connect this one with some of my other blogs or sites. More on that to follow.

Setting Things Up

Today is July 9, 2014 and I’m beginning my formal setup and configuration on this blog. So far, I’ve added a subscription form and a FAQs page. I’ve been cleaning up some of my ideas for how I want to document accomplishments and goals or dreams or interests or whims.

I’m still clarifying some of the thoughts I have around this whole project. For example, I’m still trying to determine if I want to make a big list of “50 Things I Want to Be, Do or Have by My 50th Birthday.” (My first thought is “yes, I think I should do this.”)

I’m also trying to clarify how I want to categorize my life. For example, I’ve always looked at my life in terms of financial, intellectual, career, spiritual, wellness, etc. At this moment, I’m actually still favoring those types of categories, I’m just not sure yet how to use them.